If you are not satisfied with one or many articles of your order from lolie belle.com, we do proceed to an exchange ( except restrictions specified after), a credit note of this article (s) for whatever reasons, as long as it’s justified from the buyer by an email or a fax .
The buyer will send the articles to the company called BLEW e.com, as to the exchange, the credit note would have been allowed by an email or a fax towards the buyer.
You have the choice to return the article for an exchange, a refund or a credit note according to the conditions defined after.
The refund is done according our appreciation, as long as the supply is a changing of behaviour from the buyer. In this last case, expenses of an amount from 10 to 15% can be taken on the total amount of the refunded articles of an order (overheads).
The discount articles coming from the column “dstock of the lingerie” of an order are not taken back, not exchanged as specified after. Discount, Flash sale, Private Sales, individual sales, or Sales products are not refunded but may be exchanged against model exceped .
Articles to be exchanged resulting from a Newsletter will be exchanged only in the value of the article at the time of the command(order) if articles are available in stock, for an exchange of these articles, the buyer will have the choice to settle(adjust) the price difference between the garaged article and the article with real price, or to accept credit note of the amount of the garaged article.

Conditions of return

According to the article l.121-16 of the consumption code about distance selling liable to the rules of the European laws, the customer has a seven days retract delay from the reception of his order to ask for an exchange, a refund or a credit note of a part or all the order.
The return costs of the articles are for the buyer.
In the case of an order with a delivery address different from the settlement address, the customer considered is the settlement address one.
It is forbidden to return order by Fedex or Ups.
est interdit de retourner les colis par des organismes comme Fedex, Ups,

It’s of prime importance to contact us by info@loliebelle.sexy, by Fax or by Phone 33 (0)556387491 , before every return of the articles.

To make the exchange as satisfying as possible for the customer, LOLIE asks the customer to inform by e-mail in 72h until lolie has received the order and the various information necessary to the exchange.(Size, colour, description item,…). We notice that the retract delay is of 7 days until the reception of the order,this time runs until the order reception by the customer and the complete information given about the exchange. After the delay, the order is considered as entirely accepted by the customer.


Reasons of no recovery

The return right concerns the defective or not in accordance with the articles of th order, except in the following cases:
- Uncompleted, washed, dirty, damaged articles returned, lack of original labels, lack of original package.
- The articles like the tights or the stockings in an open package and/or tried
- A lack of one of the identification element of the return note ( order number, name, address...)
- Special orders of articles for a personalized order
- There will be an only one global exchange for an initial order
- The retract delay of 7 days cumulated is over.

Return instructions

  • Stage 1
    Contact us for validation exchange.
  • Stage 2
    Send back - after the validation of the exchange by BLEW ECOM by email - the articles not dressed, the original labels, the original packages
    Join an order note copy,
    Join the return note - option no present currently - paper note which specifies the returned articles and the return reasons.
    It’s important to follow these instructions, unless we can not treat the return of the articles.
    No return would be accepted without our agreement.
  • Stage 3
    Return the articles to:
    BLEW e-Com
    14 rue du Kiosque
    33310 LORMONT  –FRANCE-

the buyer is the only one responsible for the dispatching of the articles returned to BLEW e-com and guarantees the return of the articles in case of loss or damages ( insurance of the value articles).


Costs for gift packaging and carrying costs are unrefundable.
- In case the purchaser wants a refund of a part or of the whole order, it will run In the next 30 days maxi after the taken back reception of the articles by the Company .
Refund will be done by bank checking in euros in case of purchase by checking, or directly on its bank account in case of a purchase by cash card.

Credit note

In case the purchaser has a credit note, the customer count will be increase by its amount in a minimum time of 8 days after the reception of the goods, on the website lolie-belle.com in order to allow the purchaser to make an other purchase.
The purchaser will received an email to inform him of the amount and the availability of the credit note.
However, the credit note can also be converted in gift check, sent to the purchaser or to a person of his own choice. In this second case, the purchaser has to send to the seller an email to inform of this own choice.

Exchanged articles

The purchaser can exchange the taken back articles after an agreement of the seller and according to the availability of the new chosen article.
With the article returned, the purchaser will join a check of an amount corresponding to the carriage costs, what appears on the order note.

Discount articles

Discount articles are neither taken nor refund, nor subject to a credit note from the seller. That’s why the purchaser will have to control the size, the colour and the quantity of the articles of the order before confirming his order on the website lolie-belle.com .
Discount articles are accurately notified on the website lolie-belle.com .

Free Taken back costs

If the taken back of an article is the consequence of a mistake of the seller, we refund the purchaser for the cost of the taken back, according to the characteristics of a standard sent.