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  • Seduction AW13

    Sexy Bra lingerie SEDUCTION MILLESIA AW13 Seduction AW13 The Seduction collection embodies the energy and brightness of Moulin Rouge and setsthe tone for all the Seduction styles. Inspired by theFrench 1920’s cabaret spirit, the Jacquard and floral print captivates the essence of sensual beauty. The lace detail is contrasted with thecolored lining enriched by the netting and ribbon details. The Seduction style is offered in three colorways: Seductive combination black/fuschia, Nacre, and Midnight Blue.Colors: nacre, night blue, black/fushiaWith itshalf-foamcup the bra reveals partial breast creating a sexy look. Braces are placed leterally, almost at the level of the armature.

  • Hypnose AW13
  • Parisienne AW13
  • Boudoir

    Millesia Boudoir

    Charm and refinement for this line in "Boudoir" spirit.
    A line of lingerie colors Black / Pink in black tulle embroidered with delicate pale pink flowers and arabesques.
    Choose your cravings classic bra to bra ampli for a fascinating cleavage!
    The sexy bra alluring, the timeless with acknowledged success!
    Or spice up your life with this body, with advantageous cuts.

  • Promesse SS14
  • Venus

    Millesia Venus

    Venus Theme: MILLESIA dare interpret codes of ideal beauty: Venus. Venus is desired, came to a captivating seductive attributes. The new lingerie line MILLESIA Venus emphasizes the bewitching charm of materials and creative construction. Rich silk, elegance and cutting are the key words for this theme. The bra strapless, for a dream décolleté The ampli bra is graphic and sensual wish. The sexy bra, he will delight the players. Timeless black, or red seductive, let the charm come!

  • Audace SS14

    Luxe Silk combined with radiant lace sets the stage in Champagne, Black or Pearl/ Bamboo for a softly feminine look. It is a firm aesthetic bias to adopt with this lingerie. This is a Bold, independant and devilishly attractive. Borrowing style aspects from Roaring Twenties , this Art Deco design flaunt uncluttered artistic movement and nostalgic glamour. This period is a time during wich women blurred through . their audacity gender codes.

  • Passion
  • Porcelaine SS13
  • Tentation SS13
  • Féline AW13

    FELINE MILLESIA AW13 Combining the wild panther print and sweetly delicate Jacquard lace it creates a luxurious blend of sweet and sassy ! The Feline Collection is wildly seductive is the inspiration for this feline printed style

  • Désir


    This group takes inspiration from the art of “effeuillage”.
    In the origin, this show was on in some famous French cabaret theatres like “Les Folies Bergères” or “Le Chat Noir”: it was the ancestor of the strip-tease.
    This amusement will know a great success in the 50s, and will be modernized over the years.
    MILLESIA celebrates the art of effeuillage with an extremely erotic group.
    Extreme delicatessen of waxed guipure embroidery over nude knot-worked tulle.
    When wore, the nude knot-worked tulle eclipse himself, and gives us the effect of having
    beautiful black flowers drawn on the skin… the result is purely sexy and glamour !
    Transcend your every day’s routine with this beautiful balcony bra.
    Choose the push up bra for a perfect décolleté.
    The guipure will fulfill your desires.
    The sexy bra and the ultra-sexy slip will seduce the more adventurous women.

  • Ivresse

    Ivresse Amber, musk, Jasmin… The XVIIth century fashion is linked to perfumes and fragrances. Queens and courtesans fought over recipes of perfumers who were introducing at that time new raw materials that they found in Americas and India: cocoa, vanilla, tobacco, pepper, cloves… The Queen of Hungary had her special “Eau de toilette” that, according to legend, had some revitalizing, aesthetic and therapeutical powers. Among her most energic followers, Madame de Maintenon weared it every day on in order to find strength and beauty necessary to her seduction. A brilliance effect is to stare at thanks to an amazing waxed embroidery and artfull straps. Suggestive beauty of a lingerie classic… The intoxication of the sexy bra, combined with magnificent guipure embroideries and a set of silk links are dedicated to the most audacious… Subtlety of the drapery for the push-up bra. Carnal seduction of the corset by which fine ribbons transformed it into an object of lust… Genuine invitation to intoxication of senses with this group that is proud of its rich character.

  • Confidence

    CONFIDENCE This group is influenced by the 1992 Spring/Summer collection of the haute couture deisgner Azzedine Alaia. Legendary couture man, he enlighted the 80’s. He made friend with well-known top models such as Naomi Campbell and Stéphanie Seymour. He was noticed and then became quickly praised up by media and fashion magazines thanks to his stunning and sculptural dresses. For the Spring/Summer 1992 runway show, the creator dusted off a great classic: the English embroidery. Waists are compressed, busts are lifted up and skirts are short: the female curves are sublimed in their whole sensuality. Beauty of embroidered lycra cotton, too wise to really mean it. Delicate wide ribbon of guipure on the edges to bring some touch of sophistication. White color takes it over for a blow of freshness. Malicious spirit for the push up bra versus romance of the balcony bra.

  • Passion

    PASSION MILLESIA re-interprets the oriental ornament codes, combining arabesques with the virtuosity of flower motives to achieve a refined allure. Real invitation to a journey, this group will be able to dress the feminine body like a jewelry box does with a precious stone. The sensuality of this line can be found in tiny details: sweetness of bicolor embroidery combined to fine guipure that reveals a game of transparence. Sexy or wise shapes, according to the mood and the character of every woman. A true lesson of elegance out of the classic bra… Extreme femininity of the push-up bra for the boundless women. Light arrogance of the semi-push up balcony bra, enriched with ribbon plays. Nacre / Chestnut for authentic customers or Mango for most intrepid ones.

  • Nymphe

    NYMPHE Nymphe is wn extremely feminine group. Its refined and precious look is inspired the Nymphs, goddesses from the ancient Greek mythology. Nymphs were represented in “Juventa” masterpiece painted by the French artist Gustave Bussière.Nymphs are generally symbolized by gracious women with voluptuous bodies, leading to purity and naivety. Delicacy of an embroidery highlighted by lurex yarns on which delicate guipure butterflies are placed. The cutting edge of chic: a delicate golden edge underlines this jewel of design. It will help every woman appear more sensual and radiant. The push-up bra will move sentimental customers while the sexy bra will satisfy the most impatient ones. The classic bra will enchant secret lovers. Couture mindset in black, angelic in white, charming in nude: it belongs to you to choose.

  • New Clandestine

    New Clandestine The Clandestine woman is secret. Her model is Mata Hari ; sometimes charming sometimes unseizable and even outlaw. She was a legendary spy as well as a charming dancer : she stunned the highest leaders to take away from them classified information, without being noticed, during the First World War in France. At the beginning of the 20th century, her lascivious dances made her glory. Mata Hari dared to reveal what nobody else before had done. She became the darling of the Tout-Paris that she enchanted. This sensual and bright silk, enhanced with cuts and pleats will bring « grace » to the one who will dress in it. The strass jewel that decorates every piece of the line underlines richness and brightness. Pink stands for the more greedy and Natural is perfect under a wedding dress.

  • Ashley
  • Arletty
  • Cabaret flash
  • Sensuelle SS13
  • Perle AW12
  • Angelina
  • Aphrodite
  • Panthere
    Millesia revient sur le devant de la mode lingerie
  • Gourmandise
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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items