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  • Luxxa

    A 100% French Brand

    Luxxa, it is mostly a 100% lingerie brand which manufactures its French lingerie collections in the South of France using the finest materials that are of the Calais lace guipure.Luxxa appears as an innovative style, creating high-end sets, erotic fashion and always with an avant garde.

  • Millesia


    must-have brand of French lingerie is synonymous with expertise, coarsening and seduction for all women today, like the top of MILLESIA luxury lingerie market by his flamboyant style of his creations and quality of materials employed.
    Known for impeccable comfort maintaining her lingerie, MILLESIA is a French brand that offers society ladies today their finery in the larger corset line.

  • Luxxa: Douceurs et...

    Luxxa as always innovates and announces new line for a sexy Valentine's Day. Luxxa, the most innovative brand of Sexy Lingerie offers its Sweet and Gourmantises Enjoy and invite you to discover the pleasure of these sweets: Marshmallow, Meringue, Cachou and soon The body opened or closed, open or closed harness, half-padded Bra, open or closed strings, etc ... Luxxa we still exudes its alluring lingerie.

  • Jolidon Prelude
  • Eva Rachline
  • Trasparenze
  • Ravage

    The RAVAGE collections are voluptuous and sumptuous, romantic and sexy, delicate and sensual ...
    To this day the brand RAVAGE is no longer manufactured, but it remains at LOLIE BELLE some lingerie collectors from RAVAGE.
    RAVAGE was the most emblematic brand of French lingerie jamas equaled, but which had remained artisanal and in an area of excellence by its choice of materials, its audacity in innovation, etc.

  • Nina Ricci
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Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items